Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama to Antiwar Voters: Thanks Chumps, I'll Take it from Here

Apparently, change is the same Secretary of Defense.

Let me write that again: Change is the SAME Secretary of Defense.

Barack Obama announced that he will retain the services of War Secretary Robert Gates, the man George Bush turned to when Donald Rumsfeld finally lost his stomach for the Iraq war. The man whose sole purpose over the last two years has been to prop up the failed endeavor by finding yes men, mischaracterizing the state of affairs in Iraq, paying off insurgents not to kill our soldiers, and perpetuating lies to the people who bear the costs of war. The man whose very existence seems to be the antithesis of the rhetoric that propelled Obama to the presidency.

One of the worst results of the Bush presidency comes from his assault on the English language. The meanings of some of our greatest words have been lost to Bush politics. Words like freedom, democracy, liberty, and rule-of-law are now largely useless. Hell, even torture is a word now devoid of meaning.

And now, before his presidency has even begun, Obama has added this previously important word to the list of casualties: change.

Life At The Margin would like to take this opportunity to make two predictions:

1) Barack Obama will face significant opposition for his party's nomination in 2012.
2) A majority of black Americans will come to loathe this man for the remainder of the 21st century.

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