Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If Corporations are Legally People, Then GM is a Drunk, Homeless Guy on the Street Corner

We live in a cartoon world. General Motors told us all today that they want $30 billion MORE dollars. They want it so they can, get this... cut production to match a weaker sales outlook.

A country that lends scarce resources to a business so that it can CUT production deserves a recession.

GM also plans to take advantage of gullible citizens of Sweden, the UK, Germany, and Canada. They are headed toward becoming the first multinationalized corporation. What happens when the chancellor of Germany and the Hopemeister disagree over engine specifications?

Did anyone happen to notice that all those workers whose jobs were supposed to be saved by the last bailout are getting fired anyway?

Our priorities are convoluted. GM is dead; Chrysler is dead; Ford is almost dead. They are zombies, walking the streets in clear daylight, sucking the vitality from the rest of us. If we keep this up, there will soon be nothing left. Someone should tell the federal government, that is, the democratic party, that if Americans wanted what GM is making, we would buy it.

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