Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Is The Response So Bad?

I think it is possible that some people just are so conditioned to think a
certain way. They may not actually be trying to screw people for their own

Bernanke, for example, is stuck inside the world of his economic models. He may
just be unable to think about more complex, or simply different problems.

It could be true of Paulson as well, though I place a relatively high
probability on Paulson being pure evil. He has been an investment banker for so
long, he may be unable to see the bigger picture.

It really comes down to a lack of creativity. They see the system as it was and
they believe that the essential components of that system need to be preserved.
But a better system may have different essential components.

Our nation's collective consciousness is concentrating all of its energy on the
non-existent past and the imagined future (which are both completely
irrelevant), and ignoring the reality of the current situation, which is nowhere
near as bad as advertised.

This is why the banking system needs a right-brained economist like me.

As Homer Simpson said when his ARM reset, "When you gave me that money you said
I wouldn’t have to repay it ‘til the future. This isn’t the future; it’s the
lousy stinking now."

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