Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What the...?

Rasmussen Reports did a telephone poll of Americans and they found that 57% of us want to take military action against North Korea as a response to their test launch of a rocket.

Are we nuts?

Have 57 out of every 100 Americans completely lost their minds?

North Korea poses absolutely no threat to American land or people. They are barely capable of threatening Japan or South Korea.

Is it not enough that we have destroyed the lives of most Iraqis and most Afghanis, and put ourselves on the edge of bankruptcy in the process?

Why is our gut reaction to any attempt of any 3rd world country to provide some defense for itself to punish them with bombs?

The poll also found that 73% of Americans are somewhat worried that North Korea will use nuclear weapons against the U.S.

Has anyone thought this out? Kim Jong Il may be a strange, crazy, egomaniac but he is not an idiot. Nor will be any of his successors. In 50 years the North Koreans have never had the guts to attack the U.S. or its South Korean client. They have no motive. They do not have the means, with or without a nuclear arsenal, to emerge victorious. They do not have any desire to get involved in any type of hot confrontation.

If you are going to worry about North Korea sending a nuclear bomb this way, you might as well fear an invasion of Topeka, Kansas by Iceland.

If we invade North Korea, we'll suffer huge losses. If we bomb them, we'll kill thousands of people who struggle to EAT FOOD every day.

This is not an issue of war and peace. It is about recognizing the humanity in ourselves and in people who, though their lives may be incomprehensible to most of us, nonetheless constitute lives.

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